Frequently asked questions

We provide nearly-custom fit wheelchairs to those we serve. Custom fitting is critical to the health of the wheelchair user. A wheelchair that is inappropriate for a person’s stature or disability, poorly fit or unsupportive, or lacking a pressure relieving cushion will result in a swift and progressive degradation of the individual’s health and function. We do not distribute mass-produced cookie-cutter wheelchairs purchased from China, nor do we convert patio chairs into wheelchairs. My industry experience and network gives us access to highly customized wheelchairs designed for various, specific needs, as they are replaced with new ones. These chairs are collected by us when they are replaced by MediCaid and Medicare. We ready them for delivery through a multipoint safety and function check, replacement of failing parts, and then catalogue them into a database according to multiple factors so we can custom match it to a person with specific needs. Our wheelchairs not only provide mobility, they enhance the health and well-being of the user.
Founded in 1999, Wheels of Mercy received its IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt designation under the name All Access Foundation in 2005
Wheels of Mercy is largely unfunded, which doesn’t stop us from collecting chairs in Southern California and distributing inside California and Northern Mexico. We have a handful of stalwart supporters who enable us to rent trucks and purchase fuel. With greater financial support we can expand our collection and distribution area and serve many more people.
Our wheelchairs are available to anybody who needs one and has no other resources to get one.
90% of the wheelchairs we distribute are given away in Southern California. Most of the remaining are sent to an organization we support in Mexico. We have sent wheelchairs out of state but do not currently have an established distribution system outside Southern California.
Yes. The All Access Foundation, our parent organization, received it’s 501(c)3 tax exempt status in 20**. Donations are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.
Wheels of Mercy is powered by volunteers. Your help means more people get wheelchairs. You can donate a wheelchair, time, money, or expertise, repair wheelchairs, or you can organize shipment of chairs donated outside Southern California to our storage location. Pleasecontact us here if interested.
Fill out the contact formfound hereand check 'donate wheelchair'.  Please include a photo of the chair and whether or not it is functional. If it is a power chair please let us know if it has a battery and charger. If you don’t have all of this info, provide as much as possible.
Manual wheelchairs up to 15 years old, Power Chairs up 5 years old, rigid framed power chairs, up to 10 years old.
We do not accept crutches or canes. Rollater type walkers and wheelchair cushions in excellent or like new condition are accepted.
If you receive Medicare or Medicaid your first step should be contact a wheelchair vendor in your community and have a wheelchair custom designed for you. Those agencies will pay for it. If you have no resources contact us at